Rest days!

This whole blog I have stressed just how important it is to make sure you regularly exercise, but now I want to talk about how important it is to rest throughout the week too. While it may sound almost contradictory to what I have been talking about the past few weeks, it’s truly just as important to make sure you always rest at least two days a week. While it may almost sound obvious, you would be surprised how many people I know that do not always exercise. I know from my own personal experience, as I used to love working out 6 to 7 days a week, but eventually it took a toll on my body.

You think that because you can exercise 7 days a week, your body must always be improving, especially in terms of your muscles. But what is often forgotten is how important it can be for your body to rest, relax and rebuild itself after rigorous workouts. It’s so helpful for the body to spend two or three days a week just rebuilding and repairing itself after the muscle tears, and that is the best way to make sure that your muscles are constantly improving.

My carpenter London employees have been told to make sure that they don’t work out or use their bodies too much if they have been doing heavy lifting throughout the week or if they have been going gym regularly, because it can make your body feel lethargic and drained throughout the week and it does affect you mentally, not just physically. It’s so helpful to make sure that you are rested or relaxed at some point. It can provide you with so much happiness and energy if you make sure that you are repaired physically and mentally.

I hope you enjoyed todays post, and many more that I have created throughout the last few weeks!


Another key way to exercise that is often difficult for many people is the opportunity to go swimming and the benefits that it can provide to your overall health. The important benefit of swimming while you exercise and especially after you exercise is the benefits that it can provide to your body post workout. It’s not a proven fact and it could be just a myth, but to most of us we truly believe in the benefits that it provides the human body post workout and especially after weight lifting. If you are like me and try to lift heavy, once you are done its good to have a swim and increase the recovery process for the day after.

Another benefit to swimming is after you go for a long cardio session. If you try to burn as many calories as you can, you know just how much it could hurt you after. But if you go for a swim, not only can you continue to burn off calories and work out your muscles in a different environment, it does increase your recovery just the same as it would if you were to work out with heavy weights, which is a massive benefit for you.

Swimming is also a really good way to keep your fitness levels up that other forms of cardio just cannot do. Swimming takes your entire body to do, and a level of effort that is incredibly large for anyone including professionals. Essentially you are pushing and pulling your entire body weight against gravity itself, which is as difficult as it sounds to anyone. But that’s also why it’s so good for your body. The level of fitness that it can provide you with is unmatched by any other form of cardio, and it’s really good to make sure you start swimming even if you do consider yourself a work out extremist.

Making sure my workers exercise!

I make sure that once a week, usually every Friday, I have my carpenter London employees work out in the gym for two hours. While this may sound stupid and exercise, you have to remember that I basically pay them to go to the gym, and it could be a lot worse if we are being frank. In seriousness, I make sure that my carpenters work out for an hour or two at the gym and they spend at least half an hour doing cardio throughout their gym session. There are a lot of surprising benefits rather than just the most obvious ones.

It’s obvious that it’s good for builders and carpenters to exercise with cardio through the week because of the benefits that it could provide you health wise, but the most obvious part about spending half an hour with the boys at the gym is that it does provide a bonding session that does not involve drinking and smoking, and it gives the guys some time to chill out without working for a bit and get paid doing so.

The other benefit to cardio exercise and making sure that everyone can go to the gym together is that it does provide good motivation and competition for the guys to work out more. It provides them with competition to do better than their friends and co-workers, which is important to me and to them. It also means that they can be more competitive when it comes to their own work, and since we have been going to the gym together I have seen them try to outperform each other on work sites and in the workshop.

Truth is, I really enjoy working out but I want my employees to enjoy it too so they can see for themselves how fun it can be.

Regular exercise

I have made it clear from the start of the blog how important exercise is to me and the builders and carpenters that I work with. I cannot stress enough how important it is for builders and carpenters to still maintain their fitness and energy levels while outside of work. I know it’s easy for builders and carpenters to assume that they do not need to exercise throughout the week because they do enough heavy lifting and physical work throughout the week, but this could not be further from the truth.

The fact is, exercise in regular intervals does a lot for the human body to maintain a healthy form throughout the day. Cardio is especially the most important for builders and carpenters, as even though heavy lifting and intense work throughout the week is good for building muscle and strength, it isn’t close to how good cardio is for maintaining healthy fitness and energy levels throughout your lifetime.

It’s also important if you want to live for a long time to make sure you regularly exercise with cardio. The benefits that it can give you in terms of endurance, strength, energy and other innocuous benefits is good on its own, but when you start to consider the benefits that it can give to your heart, mind and overall body strength is just as important as anything else. It’s so important to make sure that blood flows through your body properly and to make sure your internal organs are just as worked out as your muscles is important too.

It’s important to even run or jog once a week because it works almost as a body reset, and the small added benefits just a little amount of cardio exercise can give you is so important for you. You should really take that into consideration.


I often talk about the benefits of running for builders for obvious reasons, but one of the ways to exercise that I often do not talk about is weight training. Truthfully, I only shy away from the topic of weight training when it comes to builders is because much of the day is spent lifting heavy objects, and I know personally that I do not want to spend my spare time doing what is essentially the same tasks at work. However, I know a lot of builders that really love to just work out with weights rather than cardio training because they find it more enjoyable, and they feel that they can see results quicker, or at the very least they can feel a different set of results that they are looking for in muscle tone and definition.

Truth is some people just want to be jacked and look like a movie star, even though they are ignorant to not know you could do that simply through jogging and without having to weight train. What I am saying doesn’t mean that weight training is bad however, and in fact is the opposite. Weight training is good for you, but it shouldn’t be done for true fitness. Weight training is to look good while jogging and cardio is to feel good, and there is a major difference, especially as you can automatically look good through years of jogging too.

I will always be an advocate of cardio over weight training when it comes to fitness but that doesn’t mean I will tell people not to train weights because of it. I just want people to learn and understand about the many benefits that jogging, running and other forms of cardio can do for the human body’s health and physique, even if it is not the vogue thing to do right now.