Making sure my workers exercise!

I make sure that once a week, usually every Friday, I have my carpenter London employees work out in the gym for two hours. While this may sound stupid and exercise, you have to remember that I basically pay them to go to the gym, and it could be a lot worse if we are being frank. In seriousness, I make sure that my carpenters work out for an hour or two at the gym and they spend at least half an hour doing cardio throughout their gym session. There are a lot of surprising benefits rather than just the most obvious ones.

It’s obvious that it’s good for builders and carpenters to exercise with cardio through the week because of the benefits that it could provide you health wise, but the most obvious part about spending half an hour with the boys at the gym is that it does provide a bonding session that does not involve drinking and smoking, and it gives the guys some time to chill out without working for a bit and get paid doing so.

The other benefit to cardio exercise and making sure that everyone can go to the gym together is that it does provide good motivation and competition for the guys to work out more. It provides them with competition to do better than their friends and co-workers, which is important to me and to them. It also means that they can be more competitive when it comes to their own work, and since we have been going to the gym together I have seen them try to outperform each other on work sites and in the workshop.

Truth is, I really enjoy working out but I want my employees to enjoy it too so they can see for themselves how fun it can be.

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