I often talk about the benefits of running for builders for obvious reasons, but one of the ways to exercise that I often do not talk about is weight training. Truthfully, I only shy away from the topic of weight training when it comes to builders is because much of the day is spent lifting heavy objects, and I know personally that I do not want to spend my spare time doing what is essentially the same tasks at work. However, I know a lot of builders that really love to just work out with weights rather than cardio training because they find it more enjoyable, and they feel that they can see results quicker, or at the very least they can feel a different set of results that they are looking for in muscle tone and definition.

Truth is some people just want to be jacked and look like a movie star, even though they are ignorant to not know you could do that simply through jogging and without having to weight train. What I am saying doesn’t mean that weight training is bad however, and in fact is the opposite. Weight training is good for you, but it shouldn’t be done for true fitness. Weight training is to look good while jogging and cardio is to feel good, and there is a major difference, especially as you can automatically look good through years of jogging too.

I will always be an advocate of cardio over weight training when it comes to fitness but that doesn’t mean I will tell people not to train weights because of it. I just want people to learn and understand about the many benefits that jogging, running and other forms of cardio can do for the human body’s health and physique, even if it is not the vogue thing to do right now.